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Not Knowing is the Most Intimate, Vol 2 (Recent/Relevant)

A collection of essays written while I had a studio at the Headlands Center for the Arts, 2013 - 2016.

  • if I make this gesture toward you

  • truth is ever being transmitted

  • not knowing is the most intimate

  • introduction


The Beautiful, Ominous Bay: The Newest Ginnie Blake Novel (hmh services)

An unfinished mystery novel that refuses to behave, including an index, plot summary, bibliography, and map.

A chapbook sewn into a wax envelope: it cannot be read without being destroyed.


Alphabet Garden (Edible Office)

Gardens / books 

Books / gardens


140 Books I Read in the Last 2.5 Years and Really Liked (Recent/Relevant)

An annotated list


Building is a Process/Light is an Element a book about Myung Mi Kim

hinge: a boas anthology some poems. I am sentimental about that era

Kindergarde poem



"the hours are available, so shouldn't they exist" Denver Quarterly


"arrive yesterday, every morning, a first" 7x7la, collaboration with Sarah Klein

"The Misson, 2010" We’ll Never Have Paris

"from Break-Night Dawn" Word for Word

"Baseball Poems" Boog City, collaboration with Neal J. Wilson

"A Recent/Relevant Booklist" Artifice Magazine

related: the accompanying film, "Recent/Relevant Booklist," by Dia Feliz

poems Lightning’d Press

"you-you" With+Stand

related: Disinhibitor nice words from Michael Cross

poem Bird Dog 

"from Break-Night Dawn" Omnidawn Chapbook contest, 2010

Dear Ann lit vert

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