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fall 2010: a recent relevant booklist, the film. made with Dia Felix. screened 11/12/11 in Chicago as part of Artifice #4‘s launch. the film is no longer available online, but I have a copy, of course. if you want to see it, just ask.

The Alphabet Garden / Edible Office (Zoey Kroll), The Alphabet Garden Booklist. a hand bound and illustrated booklet. currently unavailable but a reprint is planned


disreputable librarians (professional YA booklists we wouldn’t share with our profession). upon request. topics include:

  • friends are overrated

  • girls make me wet

  • boys make me hard

  • teenage abortion showed me it was ok

  • drugs / alcohol can be pretty great but not always

  • my life is close to perfect but it’s still pretty interesting

  • the psych ward for you and me

  • I really do like school

  • boarding school brats

  • suicide / anorexia might be the answer after all

  • I hate my parents for a good reason


17 books for October 17 written for my reading at the Headlands on 10/17/2010


140 Books I’ve Read in the Last 2.5 Years and Really Liked. upon request

earliest booklist: Dream job. for Frankenart Mart‘s Dream Job (2009)

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